Trump Just Dismantled Welfare Overnight With MAJOR Change No Other President In History Has Done Before

As with so many things that have gone absurdly wrong in this country, President Trump is not going to sit idly by and watch lazy people suck off the system anymore. Upon being sworn in as president, Trump revived the Cinton-era stipulation that welfare recipients were required to look for work, so that they wouldn’t just stay on “the system” forever. As reported on, “Trump, who has been signaling interest in the issue for some time, said this past week that he wants to tackle the issue after the tax overhaul he is seeking by the end of the year.” While details on what, exactly, Trump’s plan will entail are not yet available, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders has indicated that those details would be available in early 2018.

Though it’s been less than a year since Trump was sworn in as president, Trump’s efforts to crack down on those who abuse the welfare system have already brought about outstanding results. As states have begun requiring welfare recipients to, yet again, either work or participate in work training programs, welfare rolls in those states have dropped dramatically.

Since making changes to program requirements, food stamp enrollments in Alabama are reported to have dropped 85 percent.

In Georgia a handful of counties made changes that resulted in a 58 percent drop in the number of people receiving benefits.

When work requirements were added to welfare rules, Kansas saw a 75 percent decline in welfare recipients. Additionally, within 12 months after these changes were implemented, nearly sixty percent of former welfare beneficiaries had found work and their income rose by an average of 127%.

As reported on, Robert Rector, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, explained, “Welfare was never intended to be a one-way handout, but a program based on the idea of reciprocity. Those who receive benefits from the government should be required to work or participate in work-training as a condition.”

We all know that welfare fraud has been rampant for, well, forever. This fraud has cost hardworking U.S. taxpayers millions, making them support the lazy and cheaters among us, while they often can barely make ends meet, themselves.

Additionally, we know that many people who get onto welfare never quite bother to get off of it.

Of course, why would they want to get off “the system.” Not only do most welfare recipients enjoy cash assistance, they also get food stamps, housing subsidies, free medical insurance, and they even have their utilities paid for. Heck, many of them even get free cell phones! In 35 states, those receiving welfare benefits actually take in more than they would working $15/hour jobs.

As one can imagine, those on the left are crying about the reinstatement of the work requirement for welfare recipients. They would rather see more and more people being added to the welfare rolls so they can count on the votes of those who are laziest among us. Nonetheless, Trump is, without a doubt, up for any attacks that group makes. He’s a tough president who doesn’t worry about political correctness, and certainly isn’t about to let a bunch of lazy welfare queens and their supporters tell him what to do!