John McCain’s Legacy DESTROYED OVERNIGHT After Massive Secret He’s Been Hiding Goes Public

Arizona Senator John McCain is undoubtedly in panic mode this week after a series of scandals from his past have just come back to haunt him. While in the past he could have counted on Republicans to protect him, he can’t anymore because he has spent the past year betraying the GOP by constantly attacking President Donald Trump.

Freedom Daily reported that McCain built his political career off the fact that he was a decorated Vietnam War POW. However, what most Americans do not know about him is that after the war, he spent decades working tirelessly to bury information about American POWs who never made it home from Vietnam like he did. As soon as McCain was elected to senator, he started working behind the scenes to pass laws that were meant to hide the fact that the U.S. abandoned hundreds of POWs in Vietnam.

Even though two Defense Secretaries testified under oath about the “men left behind” in Vietnam, McCain continued to spread the lie that there were no survivors. This was devastating for the families of these soldiers who wanted nothing more than to find out what happened to their loved ones. Government documents have confirmed that hundreds of soldiers were not released in 1973, when President Richard Nixon signed the peace treaty. Only 591 soldiers, including McCain, were released once the treaty was signed.

As part of the deal when the war ended, Nixon promised the Vietnamese a $3.25 billion in “postwar reconstruction” aid “without any political conditions.” Unbeknownst to the Vietnamese, the catch to this deal was that Nixon had included that Congress would have to approve these funds; approval that never happened. Enraged when they realized they had been tricked, Hanoi decided to keep the remaining hundreds of American prisoners, because their ransom money (post war provisions) never came.

CIA whistleblowers have said that as the years went by, the government became more and more desperate to keep these missing men a secret, as it was looking more and more bad that the U.S. had abandoned them. Instead of trying to bring his fellow soldiers home, McCain joined this massive government coverup. Years later, it was revealed that the Vietnamese eventually executed the remaining POWs, as they were no longer useful bargaining chips.

Other damning secrets about McCain have come to light as well. Though he likes to portray himself as a proud Republican, a Daily Caller investigation found that McCain is actually in the pocked of liberal billionaire George Soros, whom he has accepted large donations from. This explains McCain’s incessant efforts to remove Trump from office in recent months, and also McCain’s mission to get Muslim terrorists into power, both of which are huge goals of Soros.

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