Inside the Sex Robot Showroom, Where Customers Can TEST DRIVE Love Dolls

First the German city of Dortmund opened the first-ever brothel that targeted only those who were attracted to sex dolls, rather than real women. Now a showroom has opened in Vienna, Austria, that allows interested parties to “test drive” the silicone sex dolls, and the photos coming out of that showroom are outrageous, to say the least.

Australian media explains that the shop, Companion, is the first of its kind, featuring only the human-like sex dolls. Photos from the shop are racy, to say the least, showing dolls seductively posed on couches, and chairs, wearing next to nothing.

Other photos feature topless dolls during one of their photoshoots.

These “real life dolls,” both male and female, are being promoted by the shop as actual replacements for human sexual partners.

Indeed, these dolls do offer options that one cannot get with a human partner. For instance, hair, fingernails and lips can be modified to satisfy the exact desires of the showroom’s clients.

The showroom boasts about the sex dolls being made from “platinum silicone,” which is based on a rubber and metal skeleton. The bodies are modeled precisely on human body models. The result is remarkably realistic.

Those who want to purchase one of these dolls will need to pay between 1,990 and 7,490 euros ($2,343 and $8,819).

Somewhat remarkably, the shop emphasizes that the dolls are delivered in clothes that make them presentable in public. (One would take these dolls out in public? Apparently so.)

In fact, these dolls are more appealing to some people than real women. One such doll, known as “Fanny,” has actually achieved some amount of fame as being more popular than the real women in “her” brothel.

As the fan base of these dolls grows, it is expected that more of these dolls will be made available by brothels. No doubt, more of these dolls will be found in homes around Europe and beyond, as well.

Wow! What is the world coming to? Will sex dolls become more popular than real women? Will it become difficult for real women to find a man? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, below!