Hillary Clinton Wakes Up To Her Worst Nightmare After What Trump Just Announced


President Donald Trump just laid it all out for Hillary Clinton on Twitter for the world to see.

Now that Hillary has an approval rating lower than President Trump, she is practically ensuring him a landslide win for a second term.

Trump’s tweet is most likely in response to Hillary’s constant attacks, where she hypocritically tells him to take responsibility for allegations leveled against him, while at the same time standing up for Al Franken’s response to sexual allegations brought against him.

The difference between Senator Franken’s case and the cases of President Trump and Judge Moore is that in Franken’s case there is proof. An actual picture of him committing the crime.

Hillary has spent the last 20 years defending her husband, former President Bill Clinton, from many, many allegations of molestation and sexual assault, while at the same time attacking the victims and branding them the “Bimbo Eruptions.” This is the person who is supposed to be the American Women’s Voice?”

In a National Review report, they compare Hillary to Bruce Willis in “The Sixth Sense.” “Politically speaking, she is dead, but she doesn’t know it.”

Hillary is doing everything in her power to stay relevant, but the American people are done with her. She is deluding herself into believing she could actually try to run for president again.

President Trump has been dealing with Killary since his election into the White House because she just can’t let go. Perhaps the proposed investigation by the Justice Department into her, and the Clinton Foundation, will keep her busy enough to stop this ridiculous need to be in the political spotlight.