Girlfriend Survives Four Hour Beating For What She Lost


A young Kelsie Skillen, just 18, spent four horrifying hours being brutally beaten by her now ex-boyfriend James McCourt. Not only did she survive, she was able to watch him get locked away.

Beating someone is never okay, but one has to wonder why McCourt thought he had a right to attack this beautiful young woman.

According to reports, McCourt thought she left his jacket and cigarettes somewhere after spending a night out on the town. He blamed Skillen for losing the cigarettes, lost complete control and started beating her. The Sun quotes him as saying, “you’re going to have a bruised face tomorrow so I better do it right.” He then spit on her, dumped water on her, and beat her as he placed his knees on her chest.


Skillen was unable to escape, because McCourt hid her keys and locked the doors of where they lived in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Having a hard time staying conscious, Skillen was finally able to contact her mother via an iPad.

When Skillen’s mother arrived, she buzzed to get in and that’s when McCourt ran off.

McCourt was found guilty and sentenced to almost two years in jail. He isn’t allowed to contact Skillen for five years and he will be on probation for eight months after his release.

Kelsie Skillen broke her own story when she posted the pictures on Facebook and bravely explained what happened. Her hope is to raise awareness for abuse towards women.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “Sorry for the graphic pictures but as a lot of you may know that in june my ex boyfriend JAMES MCCOURT basically locked me in our house for 4 hours and battered me repeatedly to the extent i was hospitalized.

“As u can see mostly kept hitting my face , today was the court case and he was found guilty for everything he done to me, i am also now left with a scar.”