Entitled Thug Gets What He Deserves After Antagonizing Queen’s Guard

Big ooops. Watch this fool of a man gets his face slammed after doing a mocking dance in front of one of the Queen’s Guards in London.

In this video you can see the man antagonizing the guard, saying, “He can’t do nothing!” Well, apparently the man was wrong. After a couple of strong verbal warnings from the guard, and a warning from a passerby, it’s lights out for the annoying man, who gets clocked right on the jaw.

Onlookers stand there, stunned, as they witness the man getting smacked, crashing to the ground, and then lying there at the guard’s feet, motionless. So, apparently you can’t do whatever you want to these comically dressed soldiers. Seems that they can use force to stop behavior that they deem as unacceptable or dangerous.

The point is, that these are, indeed, soldiers. No, they don’t look like the camaflauge-clad soldiers we all might be used to, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are, in fact, very important soldiers who are charged with guarding the Queen’s residences.

In fact, the British Army has both “foot guards” and “horse guards,” a tradition that goes back hundreds of years.

Yes, their outfits look a bit clunky, what with their overside hats, scarlet red coats, and boots that look like they are 2 sizes too big. But make no mistake, the Queen’s Guard soldiers do carry guns, often complete with bayonets, and, when danger is expected, ammunition, and they will pull those guns on just about anyone, as can be seen in many videos that float about the internet.

As can be seen in the below video, when the Queen’s Guard is approaching, it is best to get out of their way, as they will barrel over or through whomever is in their way.

So, if you see one of these fluffy-hatted gents, stay respectfully back and don’t antagonize him, lest you feel his wrath, as well.