Donna Brazile Goes on ‘The View’… And All Hell Breaks Loose


Former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile joined the liberal clucking hens on “The View” Tuesday, where she claimed that she was told she “did not need to know” about the Steele dossier project, reportedly financed by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The co-hosts on “The View” asked whether Brazile was aware that the DNC was providing funds for the report, which was commissioned by Fusion GPS.

Stumbling through her answer, Brazile then stated that she asked a question about the investigation just days before the election.

“I asked one question on November 4th, and I was told that I did not need to know, and so no, I did not know,” Brazile told Meghan McCain, a host on the ABC show.

Brazile’s book, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House,” slams the Democratic Party for allowing the Clinton campaign complete control over it’s finances.

Just last month, it was uncovered that the Clinton campaign and the DNC jointly paid Fusion GPS $1.02 million to investigate Donald Trump.

“But if you ask me was this a question that came up during my tenure as chair? It did, on November 4th,” said Brazile. She also stated that she was “not involved in the contracting” of the firm that hired Fusion GPS.

Had Brazile thought fast enough, she could have flipped the question about the dossier knowledge on the host, Meghan McCain. It was her father, Arizona Sen. John McCain, who was given a copy of the dossier several weeks after the election.

It has been reported that McCain sent an associate to London, in late November, to meet with Steele, the investigator who collected the information for the dossier. Later McCain was given a copy of the dossier, which he passed along to then FBI Director James Comey on December 9.

The dossier was published by BuzzFeed News on Jan. 10.