Budweiser Issues MAJOR Statement on NFL Protests

As NFL players continue to protest the anthem and disrespected our nation, many conservatives are outraged. Among them is one major NFL sponsor, Budweiser. The company has issued a statement that liberals are sure to hate.

The National Anthem is something that Budweiser is proud of, and they are planning to discuss what to do with NFL–the protests have brought a lot of negative attention.

According to the company, they may even pull their ads from the NFL altogether. At this point, the disrespectful NFL protests are starting to make the company look bad and cutting into their profits.

They also said that the company has been supporting veterans, military dependents and armed forces for a long time now, which shows why the company feels so irritated by the disrespect the league is demonstrating.

Budweiser is the ultimate “American” company. It is a beer beloved by red-blooded, patriotic Americans. That’s why siding with the NFL thugs who kneel for the anthem would be a very unwise business decision for the company.

Many American have dumped the NFL, burning their player shirts, season tickets, not showing up to games and even avoiding the games on TV, which brought NFL the lowest ratings since 1980. And seeing how the liberal media avoids announcements like this one, it is up to us to spread it.

Here is the statement that Budweiser released:

Many have applauded Budweiser for making a statement that is pro-military. But others have said that the company hasn’t gone far enough and should pull their ads from the NFL immediately.

What do you think they should do?

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