BREAKING: Incriminating Video of Biden With Young Girls Surfaces

Twitter user Richard Armande Mills (@RAMRANTS) put together a number of clips showing just how incredibly creepy former Vice President Biden has been when he interacts with women, many times just little girls.

Nicole Perlroth from the New York Times found out about Mills’ thread and is demanding that Twitter “handle it.”

“A new alt-right fake news meme”? IT’S UNEDITED VIDEO PROOF!! Follow the thread.

Needless to say, Twitter users weren’t happy with Perlroth’s take on the video proof of Biden being a creep.

As Nico Lang pointed out on The Daily Dot, the kind of unsolicited touching Biden initiated is sexual harassment, plain and simple. It is also an expression of a very sexist sort of power. “When a man touches a woman without asking,” Lang writes, “he’s doing so because he feels entitled to access to her body.”

When Biden kisses and touches in public, his offenses often get mocked, shared and re-tweeted. But in the moment, the women at the receiving end of their unsolicited attentions undoubtedly feel like they need to stand there, frozen smiles on their faces, pretending to be cool with it all. And that’s almost as upsetting as the touching itself.